pydivert and wstunnel

Hi all,

my efforts in the opensource world are starting to grow. I want to contribute my self, I’ve used a lot of libraries and knowledge from the OS community and I’d be happy if I can do the same thing for others.

So, recently, I’m focusing on writing a software product and I’m sharing parts of it that can be of some interesting for others on github:

  1. pydivert: a python wrapper for the windivert windows driver
  2. wstunnel: a websocket tunneling software written in python

The former will divert network packets allowing the user to edit packet headers and payload. The former is an SSL tunnel using WebSocket protocol. Both are written in python since I like it a lot, and both are under heavy development so stay tuned for further enhacements and broken builds… I’m using travis-ci where I can but sadly on windows that is not an option at the moment.

Check them out and any feedback is more than welcome!



Shared my initial work on a PostScript to html5 canvas and Paper.js converter.

Check it out on github!